Super power! – our media platform towards the cloud

Super power! – our media platform towards the cloud

It may not be news to you that we are tech junkies. Innovation and state of the art technology are in our DNA. This time, we reshape the hosting infrastructure of our media websites and that offers advantages to you as well!

Making our media websites, and even faster (oh yes, it is possible), even safer and more future proof , that was the goal of our most recent development dash. We send our old servers to the museum and we aim for cloud hosting. This way, we resolutely choose for the future. Sounds geeky? It is, but the advantages for you, the user, are huge:

  • Fast, faster, fastest
    We couldn’t possible make our supercharged code much faster (our developers would love to hear this). And yet we have been able to polish a few milliseconds from the loading times. By engaging more front-end servers and bringing these closer to our visitors worldwide.
  • Traffic-jams? Gridlocks? Not at Pink Minds
    Even on the web, you might have to wait a while if the number of connections per second peak. Websites will then become slower. But not with us. When it becomes pretty crowded after we send our newsletter and you all start clicking, the cloud works its magic and simply activates a number of extra servers. Fully automatic.
  • Fort Knox
    Our websites have more than 100,000 registered subscribers, a search engine with 6,000 companies,… We want to make sure all of this data is well-protected.. Your privacy is a priority to us. And even though our previous hosting-environment was watertight, we’re still taking it to the next level.
  • Power blackout? We simply continue
    In the past 15 years it has happened once. The website was offline for half an hour due to a power failure in the data centre… From now on, our servers are distributed over several data centres. What if one would still happen to fail? Then the others will simply take over and you can keep on surfing like nothing has happened.
  • Another video? Coming right up
    Even our video platform is in the cloud. You can not imagine the amount of HD videos that you all consume using our websites. Since the very beginning, we have elected not to take the easy way by using YouTube, but to use a high-end solution that rids you of annoying commercials with hair-products, detergents, … And yes, our salary is also paid by advertisers. But these are carefully selected, so that you are not overcome by them and only get to see the ads that are relevant to you. Everyone is happy! You will freely receive first-class content, our advertisers can count on a high impact and we can keep investing in the future.


Amazon? Don’t they sell books?

For the new infrastructure of our media, we have made a partnership with Amazon. Amazon is about the largest bookstore in the world, but did you know that they are also the absolute market leader when it comes to cloud-hosting? The Amazon AWS technology is more advanced than that of Google and Microsoft. We would like to make use of that expertise.


Are you looking for an innovative platform for your media brand?

Are you running your own media company or would you like to start a portal website for a niche market? Let’s talk. We can also offer our platform as Saas solution for other brands.

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