Underwater video productions

Do you need underwater video footage for your TV production? Are you looking for an experienced cameraman? Pink Minds Media delivers exciting underwater footage by experienced divers with a professional Ultra HD 4K camera in a robust underwater housing.


Underwater video productions

The power of a TV production company like Pink Minds Media, underwater. The same creative team that realises our pre- and post-production above sea level, can also work out a powerful concept for your underwater video. Need a documentary, a corporate video or a promotional video for your diving school? Pink Minds Media delivers a concept that appeals, inspires and stimulates. In 4K, even! Worldwide!


Underwater cameraman

Kevin Van der Straeten, experienced TV producer and the creative mind behind Pink Minds Media, is a professional diver himself. He dives along and converts your underwater video project into a TV story. He is supported by other PADI PRO divers.


Underwater video camera

We shoot our footage with a BlackMagic 4K Production Camera in a Nauticam underwater housing. Ultra HD quality which meets the highest broadcasting requirements in a relatively compact housing. This makes us flexible for a great number of various underwater video productions.


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