Always wanted to be two steps ahead of the competition? You can. By using the focused and hands-on consultancy for effectivearketing campaigns that Pink Minds Media offers. The media specialist loves to share his expertise and experience with you.


Expanding online

Pink Minds Media advises you in the development of an efficient online strategy. The online marketing specialists helps you in all facets of your e-commerce, e-marketing, … and puts you on the right track by giving concrete tips and tricks which allow you to manage for yourself. It’s all about an integrated approach in which you:

  • achieve a solid online reputation (online reputation management)
  • engage in a dialogue with your target market (social media strategy)
  • develop an attractive, user-friendly (usability) and easy-to-find website (Search Engine Optimisation – SEO)
  • create a smart viral campaign using carefully selected websites, blogs, social media and search engines (e-marketing)
  • generate leads and sell your products and services by means of a webshop (e-commerce)


Media training and smart video- and TV advice

What can you accomplish with video marketing? How do you undertake a professional production without becoming bankrupt in the process? And how do you choose a novel approach that actually works and virally launches your message on social media? At you’ll find the right media training and professional advice on strategy video, video production, -Delivery and distribution.

We can also help you by means of talent coaching:

  • How do you present yourself spontaneously and convincingly?
  • How do you read an autocue fast and unnoticeably?
  • How do you make sure your interview is interesting? offers personal coaching and efficient camera training that helps even the shyest conquer their stage fright.


This page is also available in Dutch: Media training en consulting