Always wanted to be two steps ahead of the competition? You can. By using the focused and hands-on consultancy Pink Minds Media offers. We specialise in e-commerce, digital innovation and online marketing consultancy.

We work for large retailers, as well as mid-sized (and sometimes even small) companies. For many of our clients we are the bridge between technology and business. Two worlds who often don’t speak each-others language leading. We make sure you make the right investments at just the right time.

We don’t just tell others how to grow their businesses online. We know first hand what it is to disrupt an industry by innovation and building a strong platform. is the largest online platform for events in the world. Compare us with TripAdvisor, but then for event planners.

Our director Kevin Van der Straeten was responsible at Telenet for the launch of the video streaming platform Yelo, worked for clients as Brantano where he was part of the team that launched a unique 3D foot-scan technology, rolled out e-commerce platforms for multiple retailers like FNG, …

Expanding online

Pink Minds Media advises you in the development of an efficient online strategy. We help you in all facets of your e-commerce, e-marketing, … and put you on the right track by giving concrete tips and tricks. It’s all about an integrated approach in which you:

Media training and smart video- and TV advice

What can you accomplish with video marketing? How do you undertake a professional production without becoming bankrupt in the process? And how do you choose a novel approach that actually works and virally launches your message on social media? At you’ll find the right media training and professional advice on strategy video, video production, -Delivery and distribution.

We can also help you by means of talent coaching: offers personal coaching and efficient camera training that helps even the shyest conquer their stage fright.

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