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Storytelling as a strategy

Pink Minds Media translates your message to a TV story that appeals to people, that incites and inspires them. More importantly, it calls them to action. Do viewers identify themselves with your story? Do they feel addressed and involved? Then in no time you will become top-of-mind for your target market.

From creation to distribution

A spirited report on your activities. A brisk interview in which you can energetically explain your views. What is the right format for your message? And how do you choose a novel approach that actually works and virally launches your message on social media? Pink Minds Media figures it out for you. Because a shiny TV-production that no-one watches, doesn’t do you any good.

Persuasive spontaneity

Making a reliable impression, that’s the key. That’s why our tv production company doesn’t produce classic corporate films with strict scenarios, scripts which the actors have to rehearse or unnatural movie-poses. Instead, we offer memorable reports with ‘real’ people and situations. This is made possible by our team of experienced journalists and the professional coaching our media experts offer. The storyboard shows what we want to create. But the ‘players’ are persuasive because of their personal and natural way of talking, with enthusiasm and emotion. Just like in real life. And that’s exactly what makes your TV production worthwhile.

High-quality and cost-conscious productions has the skills and knowledge to make your production in HD broadcast-quality. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment for recording and editing, you will possess videos that are suitable for online video distribution (Youtube, Vimeo, video player, …) and also for TV broadcasting.

We work ‘lean and mean’ with a professional and experienced crew. We only engage the people who are actually needed to make your production. Usually, little more is needed than a cameraman and a reporter to make a solid report. That’s enough. But if your production needs a full-scale crew including a lighting technician, make-up artist, sound engineer, …? We can also help you with that.

On-site or in our own studio

We shoot reports on-site and take care of recording in our own studio. The studio is completely outfitted with camera equipment, a multi-camera setup, lighting, make-up room, editing, … Everything is present to professionally shoot your production. Our studio is ready for use, so you don’t have to pay to build a set, which allows us to offer you very attractive prices. Our set can also be adjusted to match your look & feel. Do you want a different print on the floor? Your own images or logo on the background? We’ll arrange it in no time.

Presented by

We even offer you an experienced host. If you wish, you can use the services of Kevin van der Straeten, the creative mind behind Pink Minds Media and host of, Forward TV, and But of course, feel free to make use of your own host if you want to.


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Some examples of video’s we produced for our customers:

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